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What We Offer

  • 9 month program completion
  • Certifications
  • Internships
  • Resume building
  • Rigorous program
  • Soft skills training
  • Up to date technology (iPads, Dell Desktops, SmartBoard)


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Today: 5/24/15

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Race to a Job partners with San Mateo County Career Technical Education (CTE) for blended learning.

Calling all 3rd-8th grade teachers!

Direct your own camp this summer with EB Academic Reading and Writing Camps!

EB Academic Camps partners with outstanding and qualified teachers across the country to direct our reading and writing camps and provides them with relevant curriculum, and valuable administrative and marketing support.

What we offer:

  • Reading and writing camps for remediation and enrichment
  • A Monday through Thursday half-day camp schedule
  • All curriculum needed to direct the program
  • We handle all registrations and payments
  • All marketing, including placement on
  • Insurance and liability coverage
  • Prizes, giveaways, graduation certificates and evaluations for students
  • Administrative support (director curriculum support and customer service)

If you're interested in directing your own EB Academic Camp this summer, please visit us at www.ebcamps.com or email us at info@ebcamps.com for more information.  Come join the team!

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Makati Chiropractic supports San Mateo County Office of Education, CTE Students


On October 14, 2014, Dr. Ronald Mitchell generously donated his valuable time from his busy schedule to speak to the Medical Assisting students.  He gave a brief anatomy lesson on how the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems work in conjunction with each other.  It was very enlightening to hear about causes of pain and various modalities of treatments.  Additionally, he emphasized how important it is to listen to patients and show compassion for their injuries and pain.  He mentioned that he wanted his patients to feel as though their visit at his office would be the best part of their day!  Therefore, the students need to be truly interested in helping their patients.  It was exciting to hear our future medical assistants answering questions that Dr. Mitchell posed and also to understand the clinical terms he was using.


The Business Manager of Makati Chiropractic, Dr. Willie Britt, followed Dr. Mitchell’s presentation with a motivational speech of his own.  Dr. Britt challenged the students to evaluate their motives for being in the class.  He emphasized how being a healthcare worker takes empathy and commitment.  Students were encouraged to surround themselves with people that would support their goals and devote the time it takes to learn about the field.  He confirmed that they were in a good program at the SMCOE/CTE and commended them for their goals.  He inspired them to think about the next step in their lives after completing the program.

At the end of the day, students felt inspired and are looking forward to their administrative internships.  CTE appreciates valuable leaders like Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Britt for donating their time to assist future professionals in their pursuit of excellence.

CPR Training

San Mateo County Office of Education/ Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares our students for employment requirements following graduation.

The Bay Region CPR instructors conducted CPR training at our SMCOE/CTE Center in Burlingame. 

All CTE courses at our Center require students to complete CPR training in order to be prepared for employment in their field.  Each course experiences one day of training with Bay Region CPR so that each student receives individualized attention in correct techniques and understanding of the process.

Anthony Dennis took the lead in thoroughly explaining Adult and Infant CPR, AED and the Abdominal Thrust procedure.  Dr. Ronald Mitchell was also present with Anthony, working closely with the students in small groups.  Our adult learners were very engaged in the training, understanding why and when to begin CPR and how to do so safely.  Each student had to successfully demonstrate each of the steps in the process.  Additionally, they each had an opportunity to demonstrate, under supervision, how to use the AED.

It was a rigorous educational and practical application experience; their hard work paid off when all students passed the exam and are now employment ready with BLS Adult and Infant certification.

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CTE Graduation

Korean Delegates visit SMCOE's - Career Technical Education Center in Burlingame

On February 18, 2014 a contingent of 30 Korean Principals visited the Career Technical Education Center in Burlingame with the intention of gaining ideas to implement in their own school programs.  SMCOE/CTE has successfully been in operation since 1967 and was chosen to be used as a model program by the principals.

Korean schools tend to concentrate on academics and would like to include technical skills in order for students to be fully prepared for careers whether they attend college or not.  CTE focuses on health careers and gives students rigorous, relevant and up to date training that prepares them for the world of work, including longevity.

Adele Berg, CTE Administrator, gave the principals a tour of the classrooms.  The principals enjoyed exchanges between the students and staff.  They found how supportive the Instructors were with the students and how the classes involve extensive soft skills training that help students not only become better employees but improve their lives.  The principals were impressed with the fact that most classes include National Certification.  The day ended with a question and answer with Ms. Berg and we hope they benefitted from that interchange.

It was a wonderful day and CTE embraced their motto “Hope for Students and Satisfaction for Business!”

The CMAA Journey Begins




Certified Insurance Billing and Coding - ICD-10-CM Seminar

The implementation of the ICD-10-CM is scheduled for October 2014 for all Medical Offices and Billing and Coding contractors.  The fall semester students had the opportunity to attend two trainings with the AAPC Palo Alto chapter where they were introduced to the new changes by way of ICD-10-CM.  As a result, our students earned Continuing Education Units for each Saturday that they attended the training.

There were two instructors who presented the new changes to our students, Susan Carson and Dori Rincon.  Coding changes that were addressed included Neoplasms, The Endocrine System, Blood Diseases and Infectious Diseases.  During the second training, the areas covered included Mental, Behavioral and Neurodevelopment Disorders; Diseases of the Nervous System; Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa; Diseases of the Ear and Mastoid process; Diseases of the Circulatory System and Respiratory System.

AAPC provided breakfast and lunch on both days and also held a raffle that furnished new ICD-10 books to the lucky winners.


Latest unemployment and industry jobs data

The unemployment rate in San Mateo County was 3.4 percent in March 2015.  This compares with an unadjusted unemployment rate of 6.5 percent for California and 5.6 percent for the nation for this March.  San Mateo County registered the lowest unemployment rate among California's 58 counties as of March 2015, just under Marin County's rate of 3.5 percent.

San Mateo County had an estimated 14,800 unemployed residents as of March 2015.

The following are highlights of an April outlook by Beacon Economics for the San Francisco-San Mateo County metro area.

  • They project nonfarm employment in the metro area will grow each year to 2020, though slower than recently.
  • That report shows the area's unemployment rate to be below 4 percent for all years through 2020.

the Institute for Regional Studies recently released a research brief on poverty in the Bay Area that is available on the Joint Venture website.  Most of the data for 2013 relate to the nine-county Bay Area.  However, at times county, and sometimes sub-county data, are included.  Among the many  characteristics noted are race, ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, education, language, disability, and veteran status.

  • Poverty rates are highest for young children (under age six)
  • Federal poverty limits likely underestimate economic hardship in the Bay Area, where the cost of living is extremely high.
  • Nearly three-quarters of the impoverished population 24 years or older does not hold a college degree, and nearly one-third has less than a high school diploma.
  • Those living in poverty are more than twice as likely to speak English "Less than Well"  than the general population.


Posted by: Katia Sturtevant
Published: 4/17/15






If  you are part of any of these agencies, talk to your counselor regarding funding of our programs by the particular agency.

  • CalWorks
  • EDD
  • Department of Rehab
  • Job Train
  • PeninsulaWorks
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