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“Rapid economic, technological, and social changes are creating a world that is ever more interconnected. One in ten Americans is foreign born, and local communities—urban, suburban, and rural—are growing more diverse. To take advantage of global market opportunities, companies must hire workers with global competence—that is, the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. U.S. educators face a critical new imperative: to prepare all students for work and civic roles in an environment where success increasingly requires the ability to compete, connect, and cooperate on an international scale.” (Preparing a Globally Competent Workforce Though High-Quality CTE, 2016).


It is true; we do not live in a bubble.  We are global.  In fact, our region is known as the “innovation capital of the world”.  Not only are we innovators but we are also the home of the high-tech giants, stem cell research and biotechnology.  San Mateo County is a hub of new and  exciting work.  Therefore, we must recognize this fact to create CTE programs that enable all our students to prepare for their success in such a dynamic and evolving local/global workforce.



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According to Dr. Kevin Fleming his six step model to help students become more “career intelligent” include the following:

  1.  Self-Exploration.  Students should ask themselves, “What do I love to do? As well as “What am I good at doing?”
  2. Career Exploration.  Students should explore “What can I get paid to do?” and “What occupations/industries are a high priority and are emerging?”
  3. Verify your career goal alignment with your personality and skills.
  4. Set a tentative career goal.
  5. Education and Training Research.  Investigate and verify the multiple paths to your initial goa (work experience, job shadowing, interviews, apprenticeships)
  6. Establish an educational plan. 

Please also watch his 9 minute video “Success in the New Economy”--interesting new perspectives to ponder.



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State Plan Goals

Between 2017 and 2027, the state will produce a million "middle-skill" industry-valued and recognized postsecondary credentials broadly defined here as sub-baccalaureate credentials with demonstrable labor market value, including industry-recognized certificates, or certifications, or certificates of completion of apprenticeship, or professional licenses, recognized by California or the federal government, as well as industry-valued associate degrees that facilitate movement into either the labor market or longer term educational programs aligned with the state's workforce needs.  During this time the state will also double the number of people enrolled in apprenticeship program, pg. 9 - California's Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan - December 2015.